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Creativity and Work conference

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The Creativity and Work Conference: Transfer and transformation of learning between education and work

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), London, Friday 12th November 2010


The conference has now taken place. However, we filmed much of it. You can download video resources of the various sessions here. (We will be adding to this over the coming weeks).


Download the conference overview here.


Download the full list of abstracts here.


In the current harsh economic climate our students are challenged with the difficulty of finding fulfilling, creative work upon graduating. Increasing numbers of creative arts students are devising alternative approaches to gaining vital work experience and using their creative practice in new ways that benefit the community as well as their own career goals.


For the last 2 years the Creative Interventions Project has been investigating the relationship between creative arts education and work-related learning, particularly in the not-for-profit sectors. The project has been exploring how work-related learning in the public and third sectors, encountered during a creative arts higher education, is valued and fostered by students, tutors and employers. It explores complex questions about the nature of creativity and a creative arts education, the idea of transfer into work and how work-related experiences are valued.


The Creativity and Work conference provided a forum for those interested in volunteering, education and work-related learning to come together to explore these issues.  The conference was designed to engage participants and to learn from each other.


Creative Interventions is a Higher Education Academy funded project and part of the National Teaching Fellowship Project Strand. It is a partnership led by the University of the Arts London with the Arts University College at Bournemouth and the University of Surrey Centre for Excellence in Professional Training and Education (SCEPTrE).The Creativity and Work conference has been organised in partnership with the Art Design Media Subject Centre (ADM-HEA).



The following themes formed the basis of the conference. 


  1. Lifewide education: valuing and recognising students creative development across their lives
  • What do students do outside their programmes that help them develop the skills and experiences to be employed or self-employed creative professionals?
  • What role does it play in preparation for work?
  • How might we recognise and reward learning outside the formal curriculum?


  1. Volunteering and not-for-profit work-related activity
  • What role might volunteering play in students’ learning?
  • How does public/third sector work experience differ from work experience in the commercial sector?
  • What is the relationship between extra-curricular volunteering and not-for-profit work-related learning to discipline-based learning in the university?


  1. Innovative work-related learning programmes in the curriculum
  • How is creativity fostered in formal learning?
  • Examples of programmes
  • How might we recognise creative agency and its role in preparing students for work?


  1. What can we learn from a creative arts education?
  • Does/should a creative arts education prepare students for work?
  • What are the signature pedagogies of creative arts and what is their role in preparing students for work?
  • How do students perceive the relationship between education and work?
  • What might other disciplines learn from creative arts higher education and vice versa?


Programme outline



Arrivals / coffee



Dr Shan Wareing, Dean of Learning & Teaching Development,

University of the Arts of London


Keynote: A delicate balance: nurturing creativity in a time of crisis

Dr Paul Kleiman, Deputy Director, PALATINE,

Subject Centre for Dance, Drama & Music, Lancaster University




Workshop 1

Strand 1

Strand 2

Strand 3

Strand 4

Enhancing creative professionalism through recognition of lifewide learning 

Dr Jenny Willis & Charlotte Betts, University of Surrey


volunteering: enhancing learning and facilitating networks

Andrea Grace Rannard, Volunteering England 

Artswork Media: a work-related learning environment

Dr Dan Ashton & Nic Jeune,

Bath Spa University 

Connecting creative practice with career and professional development in art, design and media

Linda Ball, 

Creative Graduates, Creative Futures 




Workshop 2

Strand 1

Strand 2

Strand 3

Strand 4

How might we reward learning outside the curriculum: a learning framework for Student-Community Engagement

David Owen,

National Coordinating Centre for Public Engagement 

Adding learning value to the festival volunteering experience and increasing access to industry

Isla Brown, Yorkshire Festivals Network,

Leeds Met University 

Developing collaborative partnerships with industry: a whole course approach

Marie Brennan, 

The Arts University College at 


University, employer and student experience of work-based learning in the creative industries

Cassandra O'Connor, University of Bolton & Lynne Webster, University of Leeds 




Workshop 3

Strand 1

Strand 2

Strand 3

Strand 4

The Young Design Programme: enhancing student creativity and work-related learning in the public sector

Ian Thompson, University of the Arts London & Angeliki Triantafyllaki, Institute of Education 

Prime and Pump: potential creative collaborative 

project events

Kirsten Hardie,  The Arts University College at Bournemouth 

The MediaTrain Project: bringing vocational education to the heart of the curriculum 

Jim Hornsby, University of Bedfordshire

Exquisite Corpse: evaluating the live team project

Jonathan Bell & students, 

Bucks New University 


Comfort break



Professor Norman Jackson, Director,

Surrey Centre for Excellence in Professional Training & Education (SCEPTrE), University of Surrey





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